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We often get asked what sets our training apart from a player just creating their own workout that they found on Youtube or that they learned in practice.  We even get asked how are we different from other trainers.  Our answer?

There are several things that make our training unique:

  • Our Curriculum is infused with top-level basketball knowledge that is used by professional basketball players all over the world.
  • Our Workouts are custom designed to give the player a maximum workout experience.
  • Our Trainers receive continued education to bring the most cutting edge material to the players.

However, none of those thing is our true emphasis.  We have a shirt that says, “Pray. Eat. Hoop. Repeat.”  That’s right, hoop isn’t #1!

At GA, we don’t do what we do for the money or the fame.  We do what we do to give glory and honor to God.  We realize that basketball is an international language that reaches all people, and if we can use it to bring those people closer to the Almighty, then…LET’S HOOP!  Coach Brandon Osborne has created a one-of-a-kind curriculum designed to create better players, students, and most importantly Christians on and off the court.  We have proudly served thousands of young people to become not just better players, but better people.  That’s the G.A. way!

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Brandon, known by most as “Coach O”, has played most sports during early childhood and teenage years. During the latter end of his playing career he focused more on basketball and excelled.

He has worked as an assistant basketball coach for Hardin-Simmons and Abilene Christian University, has assisted numerous high school programs, and has played in a summer pro league. After years of studying under some great instructors, teachers, coaches, and trainers he started Genesis Athletics. , and has trained several players that now have pro contracts.

Brandon Osborne is a Skill Coach with Pure Sweat Basketball , level II Skills Coach through Ganon Baker Basketball, as well as a consultant for The National Basketball Combine.

Through Genesis Athletics and his other affiliations, Brandon trains about 1,000-5,000 athletes a year. He is constantly finding, creating, and tweaking new drills, skills, and techniques that help players perform at the highest level. He believes in practicing completely “out of your comfort zone” so that you can find comfort when the lights come on!

He has a B.S. in Exercise Science, is a Certified Physical Education teacher K-12, and is a Certified Personal Trainer and Performance Enhancement Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine(NASM). Brandon is married to an amazing woman named Kim, and they have 2 children Myles and Karsyn!

Brandon "Coach O" Osborne

Owner/Head Trainer, Artillery Media

Coach Bryan Conover grew up in Abilene and has played and coached basketball there for about the last 20 years.  He played college basketball at Hardin-Simmons for three years and became a teacher/coach in Abilene Independent School District where he has taught/coached for the last 12 years.  Coach Conover was a varsity basketball assistant for the last 10 as well.  Conover has been married to a wonderful woman named Esmeralda for the last 10 years and they have a son named Benjamin.

“I am looking forward to working with young players in Abilene and surrounding areas and helping them to achieve their basketball related goals.”

Bryan Conover

Skills Coach

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What all does Genesis Athletics offer?

We are a Strategic Basketball Skill and Performance Enhancement Company. We offer year around basketball skill development camps, groups, semi-private, and private sessions.  Within our sessions we encourage and emphasize leadership and character based training!

What ages does Genesis Athletics start development training?

We don’t necessary have an age we start with because every child developmentally is different. However, our Next Generation group normally does not start before the age of 7, unless your athlete is more mature and can do independent work.  If you are unsure about if your athlete is ready, let him/her try a class and the GA Skill Coach will help you make the decision!

How do I schedule a Workout?

Click HERE
Then click on the button SCHEDULE NOW!
It will take you to a registering page, then you will find a empty workout and register there.
If you are want to attend a class or group workout, just find the tab that says CLASS and register there.

Will Genesis Athletics travel to our city?

YES!!! We have done camps internationally, in the states and numerous cities over Texas! Every organization that we have done events for loved the experience and felt like 100% of their players improved!

Dates fill up quickly, so contact us today for availability!  Also, check out our Team Clinics for more information about bring us to your city to work with your team.

Will Genesis Athletics have a camp/training session for my team?

Yes.  We have a Team Clinic that we execute for individual teams to bring out the best in that particular group of players.  We have teams that schedule with us for months at a time, so contact us for more details!  We also conduct camps for players of all ages to build the player on and off the court.

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